Birth Doula

Expecting a baby is a big milestone in your life. A birth doula helps you prepare for this.

“A skilled doula empowers a pregnant person to communicate their needs and perceptions and actualize their her dream of a healthy, positive birth experience.” – Gruber, Cupito and Hobson (2013)

Having caring, dependable and knowledgeable support throughout your childbirth journey is our ultimate goal for you. 

We will be there to provide unbiased emotional, physical, and informational support during pregnancy, labor and the birth process, and the immediate postpartum period. Our doulas have supported clients through home, hospital, vaginal, cesarean births and VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean). Feel supported as you and your family explore your values and needs surrounding pregnancy and birth. Be empowered to make informed choices about your pregnancy and birth. Our doulas will help you achieve this and more. However you envision your labour experience, we will have your back.

    Birth Doula Services:

      • We will get to know you throughout your pregnancy and get to know what you really want for your labour and childbirth experience;
      • We will be on call 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your due date and accompany you in labour;
      • We are experts of childbirth and we will be able to explain anything that you may be uncertain of;
      • We will be supporting both you and your partner;
      • We will strive to help you and your partner to self-advocate for the birth experience you want.

      The Standard Birth Doula Package – $1, 700 + HST

      • 2 Prenatal visits to discuss your needs and desires;
      • Provide assistance in creating a birth plan/wish list;
      • Helping parents prepare for labour and birth;
      • Review coping strategies and answer any questions;
      • Support by telephone and email as needed during pregnancy and immediate postpartum 24 hour on-call availability from 2 weeks before your estimated due date;
      • Labour support from the beginning of active labour (or earlier if needed) at home or at the hospital;
      • Emotional, physical and informational support during labour, birth and up to two hours after the birth of your baby;
      • One at home postpartum (2 Hours) visit within 2 weeks of birth to see how you are doing and provide additional support and resources.
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